Cape Schanck Coastal Park

I have been well too wrapped-up in everything from wedding to-dos, booking one of them many trips back home, stressing about funding those trips home, getting up to speed with the new gig and staying in touch with all my family and friends and almost forgot how much I LOVE food and how much I LOVE what food does for me.

It’s almost like I have been in a bad relationship with food. I have been just whipping up meals, picking weird things on menus to try to “hit the spot,” and have been running to the grocery on a Wednesday night so I don’t have to resort to doing the errands on the weekend.

But why? I love grocery shopping and even more I love farmer’s markets. We have the most amazing market an eight minute walk away that even sells local honey and seafood. Better yet, the seasons are changing and it’s a perfect time to try new things and seasonal produce.

My realization of not appreciating the nutrients and health I was eating dawned on me last night. For too long I have thinking of things I need to eat less of (hence giving up peanut butter for Lent) and now have turned my thoughts around to think of better healthy food I can get more of. This Australian Easter break is what I call an adult Spring Break – no work Friday until today, Wednesday. It was awesome. Yet with this spare time my fiance and I chopped up some fresh vegetables, made our own soup stock and brewed up a nice beef stew. It was beautiful and I forgot how the whole process of making a good meal can be so good.

So let my experience be a lesson to not forgot a good relationship with food and appreciating what it does for us.

Food is thy medicine.

Cheers to you and good health!