A lot has happened since I last wrote such a public post. Around Nov 20th I moved back to an insulin pump, and while I knew the transition would be rocky, it pretty much rocked me.

Not only was I struggling to find the right insulin rates per hour (basal) for my new pump, but I was also suffocating, bc I didn’t know if my insulin was absorbing or if I had a bad spot. I didn’t sleep more than 3 hours straight for 2 weeks, and my site felt like a 72-hour bee sting and burned every time I had to bolus. I tried to be uber patient, sideline the strategies I had in place for shots and tried to relearn how to get the most out of this technology.

It was tough and it’s been tough, but no one said it’s supposed to be easy.

I called clinical support at Omnipod and after the gal on the other end, gave me some not so useful tips, tears ran down my face as I explained, “I feel so…..alone.”

I felt sooo alone. I contacted my doctor (and of course this was on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving day) and couldn’t figure things out. I was most upset, bc I was caught up in the idea that my readings were literally taking days off my life.

But I stuck it through and thought outside of the box. I reached out to 2 type 1 friends and asked for loads of advice. Thank you, Ken and Colleen.

While I felt isolated, scared as F, and alone, in reality, we never are. We just need to breathe through the challenge and reach out to anyone who can help us w/ the next step.

While I have felt like I have stepped back in time, to my type 1 diagnosis in 1991, this hurdle has helped me ground myself and understand your needs even more so.

If you ever feel alone with your health, will you reach out to me?

I trust I can really help you. On an exciting note, this week only! I am extending $100 off my January Blood Sugar Reset Masterclass.

I’d love to have you, so you have a strong community and guidance to help you move your health forward in 2022.

In health,