“Why on earth should I try to be more dry?” said this chick who was the social chair in college, who started a wine club in our neighborhood last year and not long ago I had ambitions to become a sommelier. In fact, a few of my favorite memories exist in Australia’s wine country when we lived there in 2011.

If I suggested this even a year ago, it would be blasphemy. I remember attempting a sober month with my husband in February (yes, the shortest month of the year) and I felt like it was silly as I have a number of other restrictions in my life as someone with an autoimmune disease, type 1 diabetes, where I fair best on a low carbohydrate diet, thus a gluten and dairy-free diet. Take away my wine? Crazy!

But after being a little more sober curious about it, I’ve come to realize, drinking less alcohol is actually a very powerful way to practice self-care with respect to my personal growth, business goals, and health. So in the end, there are few cons with less alcohol in my life.

Replacing the time and money I would put into wine, etc, I will repurpose my energy to do better things. Explore why you can view social drinking in a new light and moderate your drinks to serve you. Life is about pleasure and perhaps sobriety isn’t the need, but is less in fact more?

I won’t list scare tactics on alcohol, yet, I will recommend having fun with this alcohol money tracker, from finder.com. It’s quite an eye-opening calculator and perhaps inspiring.