I am participating in a Biggest Losers Couples Challenge (BLCC) and I must say it is motivating! If you are having a hard time committing to a weight loss plan, then get a group together, pick a day to weigh in and collect money so there can be an incentive to stay inspired. My BLCC group consists of 22 people and we have a Google doc where we upload our numbers weekly. My first weigh in for the match was pleasing, I lost 2.5 pounds. Since then, that darn number has not moved. Am I frustrated? Not really. I know I have been cutting corners due to stress, lack of sleep, traveling and more. So as I look forward to the week ahead of me, I know exactly what I need to pay attention to and changes that need to be made.

This is a sample of what I will be focusing on foe the next seven days:

  • When I sense stress coming at work, home, etc, I need to step back and relax, breath and move on. (Easier said than done, right?!)
  • I need to drink a certain quantity of water. Before I was just drinking water when I was thirsty, but now I need to step it up a notch and set goals.
  • I need to really push myself during my workouts. Not every day but more often than I have in the last two weeks.
  • I need savor my treats. I have been doing better but when I have a meal or treat I really like, I eat it way too fast!
  • I need to sometimes skip dessert. I was for awhile going cold turkey and not touching anything too indulgent but in the last two weeks I have been eating desserts but in smaller portions. Treats included: mini Twix bars and mini Snickers, etc. I get these candies at work, which is awesome, but I don’t love them. What I need to do for the next week is buy some delicious dark chocolate and have one square every other day, or so.
  • I NEED to start taking my lunch break and walk outside for 15 minutes or so. Breaks are good and can even help me focus in my work more but it’s tough to initially step away.

I will work my hardest and stay positive. I will post again on my BLCC challenges next Wednesday and I hope to bring good news. Wish me luck!

Have a healthy and fit day!