Good morning,

Walking is my mode of motion this month, but guess what happened last weekend when I was strolling with a friend? Our wrists crossed each other and my Apple Watch screen cracked! Yup, her bone hit the perfect place on the edge of my screen and spider cracks overtook the top left corner. Was I upset? No, actually. Not at all. And in fact, it was a little refreshing.

You see a similar situation happened to my iPhone screen last year. I was running a 10k and my blood sugar sensor was beeping then the CGM wasn’t reading, and I fiddled my phone out of my case while trying to keep a running pace, and the screen shattered on the trail. Before I let myself expense any energy into the cracked iPhone screen, I thought about what had happened to a neighbor’s home the day before. It caught fire and burned down.

Where am I getting with this? Who knew a screen phone and now cracked Apple watch screen could be a strong reminder of how blessed I am. Every time I saw that cracked iPhone screen I thought about my home, my kids, their health, my health, our favorite things, are all still there. And while the things aren’t as important as the memories, relationships, and quality of life, we are gosh darn blessed.

So all week, every time I look at my watch (which as a type 1 diabetic, I read my CGM reading on my watch up to 60x a day) I have a surge of happiness.

Nothing is perfect, and if we step back and think of what we have verse not have, gosh it’s gratifying.

Be well and look for the blessings in your life,