Often when I am first introduced to people and they learn I am a registered dietitian, I am asked, “What on earth should I be eating to cut a few lbs?!”

Not all inquiries are exactly phrased as drafted above but they are all along the same line. For today’s post I’ve come up with some great food choices that can help you on the road of weight loss. Please comment and ask questions!

1.  Cage free eggs

Eggs can help you start your morning right. A favorite morning meal for me is 2 poached eggs and some seasonal fruit. The protein from the eggs help hold my hunger until lunch and the fruit helps wake me and my palate for a bright day.

2.  Greek yogurt (organic)

Greek yogurt is so versatile and doesn’t have all the sugar that the typical Dannon or Yoplait has. Greek yogurt can be mixed with fresh berries and almonds or you can sprinkle in cocoa mix and make it a dessert. I personally always choose organic dairy products whether it’s cheese, yogurt or ice cream to avoid unnecessary hormone consumption.

3.  Salsa

Salsa is the perfect compliment to just about anything! For example, if I need a little night snack, I will pull out a few blue corn chips and pile on some salsa to fill me up. I also add salsa to scrambled eggs, grilled chicken and have topped my salad with salsa in place of dressing.

4.  Deli meat (turkey, no preservatives)

Deli meat can be controversial for it has a high sodium content but it is perfect for convenience and packed meals. I choose all natural, lean deli meat with no preservatives (for example Boar’s Head) to avoid nitrates and other unnecessary ingredients.

Do you see a theme here? Food is often preserved instead of being sold in it’s natural form and this is why it’s so awesome to grow a garden if you have the ability to do so.

5.  Seasonal produce

When I purchase and therefore consume produce I follow the dirty dozen and clean 15 rule! I’ve blogged about this in the past and click here if you need a refresher. These terms relate to know what produce is important to purchase organic.

There are many great foods out there and all we have to do is continue to be creative. Also we can be culprit of depriving ourselves of our favorite things (like peanut butter!!!!) and we need to remember that we should still consume treats in moderation.

Cheers to good health and have a healthy and fit day!