Move over Doritos because we have some better Super Bowl options this year! If you are headed to a party or hosting one, think about chowing on one of these:

Guacamole & Jicama Chips — make the guac extra spicy to spark the metabolism and slice a fresh Jicama in place of tortilla chips. I recently discovered the Jicama root and it’s fabulous and refreshing! I can’t forget to mention it’s also gluten free! This is a must appetizer.

Homemade Hummus & Organic Blue Corn Chips — Trader Joe’s has some great options for (baked) chips and choosing blue tortilla chips can be more beneficial than white corn chips. Research suggests blue corn chips have a lower impact on blood glucose levels and therefore have a lower glycemic index than white corn chips. Blue corn chips contain about 20% more protein and 8% less starch than the white corn chips. This is beneficial for diabetics and for the average healthy person. Also, I suggest making your own hummus. This way you are able to control the amount and kind of oil used in the end product. I highly recommend organic extra virgin olive oil. I also like my hummus simple. I flavor my hummus with a little bit of unrefined sea salt, garlic and paparika spice. Double D!!!

A Veggie Tray — need I say more? Make it colorful and attractive. This way you can fill you plate partially with these nutrient-dense veggies and still fit in the fun portion controlled dips.

Salsa Dance Dip — I love this dip and it’s so easy to put together! Unwrap a package of fat free cream cheese, place in the center of a plate and then dump hot salsa on the top. Compliment the dip with some tasty baked corn chips (again, I recommend blue corn chips).

Chocolate Covered Strawberries — this will hit the sweet spot for those craving one. The dark chocolate is rich in cocoa flavanols and the strawberries are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Cheers to your 2010 Super Bowl Sunday! Go Colts!