Diet and exercise have a huge impact on everyone’s health. In 2017 around 11 million deaths in 195 countries and 255 million disability-adjusted life-years were attributable to poor diet and nutrition. This means getting good nutrition and working out is literally becoming a life-and-death situation. Many people know that these choices are the right thing to do, but doing them seems like too much hassle, especially in western countries. Well, this attitude needs to change. In western countries, it is possible for most people to make those all-important healthy life choices. And by doing so, you can increase life expectancy and improve your overall health. There is no real excuse for you to suffer from bad nutrition when all you have to do is make the right choice at the supermarket. Below describes some reasons how good nutrition and exercise enhance your life:

Combats Illness and Disease

Eating a diet that is jammed packed full of healthy minerals and vitamins as well as steering clear of fats and sugars, combined with a regular exercise regime, prevents the onset of many illnesses and diseases and even helps you reverse some if you are already ill. Diet and exercise should be prescribed by doctors. First and most obviously it helps prevent and reverse obesity which is a huge problem in modern society. The abundance of fast foods and the minimal effort you have to get it, i.e. a drive-through, is fuelling this epidemic. But you can fight it by starting to exercise and by making better choices in the supermarket, like swapping crisps for dried fruit. Other benefits of diet and exercise include the production of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or good cholesterol, which has to be good. Proper diet and exercise help combat heart disease and high blood pressure. It can help prevent and fight many forms of cancer too. It has an effect on preventing strokes and type 2 diabetes, and that’s just for starters. Basically, you will have a much better quality of life that is likely to be freer of disease, and these benefits are magnified the older you get. However, also seek medical advice before making drastic changes to your lifestyle. Exercise especially can cause injury if you are not careful. If you are ever injured, please see a doctor and use some form of strapping like [kt tape] for posterior tibial tendonitis

Brain Power

Who doesn’t want better brain function? Well, cutting out fast foods and fuelling your body with nutritious food, as well as exercising, is scientifically proven to improve cognitive function. This again is especially important as we age. To prevent ourselves from slipping faster than need be, we should be developing good habits now. Unfortunately, lifestyle, especially in the years to come, is going to prove itself essential for a good life. 

A Mood Enhancer

The fact f the matter is, if you are inactive and eat rubbish, you are not giving your body what it needs to be happy. There is a very strong relationship between mental health and a healthy diet and exercise. Certain types of food such as bananas and oats are natural mood enhancers, as is exercise. Exercise actually enables the body to create endorphins which are chemicals in the body that make you happy and build up your level of self-esteem. Exercise can fight stress, and by eating healthily, your body is less stressed as it will be easier to digest and maintain a healthy weight. You need to get the blood pumping to move all those nutritious vitamins and minerals around to the vital organs. That way, you are really protecting your insides.

Energy Levels

Eating just the right amount and exercising can boost your energy levels. By having a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins, and good fats, you will be able to enhance your exercise performance and keep your muscles strong. Exercise also improves muscle strength as well as building endurance over time. By getting the blood pumping moving vital oxygen and nutrients around the body more easily, you are simply turning yourself into a more efficient human being.


Reducing sugar and the wrong types of fat and burning off calories by exercising can help your body drift off for a good night’s sleep. Ensure you never exercise or eat too late, as having a full stomach with endorphins rushing about actually inhibits sleep. But if you develop a regular, sensible regime, you will catch up on some well-deserved z’s.