Are you a snacker or a snack avoider? Once upon a time, I snacked very little and only found a daily nibble around 3PM, but now a days, snacks are my weapon to weight loss.   

Since I joined Corporate America and traveled through my mid twenties, which is when our metabolisms begin to slow down, I added a few unwanted pounds. With the combination of stress and desk-work it was too easy to gain weight. And, eating the same things I did years ago and eating at the same times, was not helping to halt any weight gain nor spark weight loss.

As a dietitian, I have been too stubborn to ask for help and therefore, I’ve turned myself into nothing other than a small experiment. I have not fallen for any extreme fad diets but I have attempted eating purely paleo (which is an energy boosting meal plan for me) and I’ve tried eating all low glycemic (which has helped with my modulation of insulin). But, my weight hadn’t budge. From the intro of this blog post the answer to my problem has been snacks.

I’ve combined a low-glycemic, paleo diet with zeroing in on when I am eating to get my numbers on the scale to move in the right direction. Now, you can find some sort of nutrient-dense snacks in my hand every mid-morning and mid-afternoon. I plan out my snacks every day so I don’t feel famished by meal time. Some snacks I regularly consume are listed below.

Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese with 5 Mary’s Gone Black Pepper Crackers and a small serving of carrots and celery
Greek yogurt with 1/2 cup of fresh blueberries
Carb Control, diabetic-friendly Dannon yogurt with mixed in Puffins cereal
Frozen raspberries w/ melted chocolate chips
Mixed nuts
Fresh fruit with a string cheese

What do you usually snack on?