Egg whites

If you are going to be picky about something, I all than more empower you to be picky about health food. And to emphasize, that’s health food and not just food.

I have certain meals that I crave, especially for breakfast. Whether it be Greek yogurt with cinnamon, a cut-up banana and walnut pieces or a nice vegetable omelette, I don’t steer too far from one or the other. Now that I’ve moved to a country the size of the U.S. but the population of Los Angelos, I’ve learned that all my options I had at Giant Eagle, let alone going to a Giant Eagle, aren’t there.

Today’s blog post takes me back to another grocery store experience. I am craving a vegetable omelette with some Canadian bacon. They don’t have Canadian bacon here. They have just bacon. I can deal with that. Moving onto buying some eggs. I walk through the refrigeration section. Where are the eggs??  Eggs are not refrigerated in the grocery store- in Australia you will find them on the shelves next to canned tomotoes. Would you have thunk?

Yet, the omelettes I like to make, I usually mix in egg whites with one egg and throw in whatever vegetables I have on hand and/or spices. Since the eggs are about $5 a dozen here, I wanted to buy a carton of egg whites so I am not wasteful. No where could I find egg whites. I ask a clerk and he kindly lead me to the freezer section. He reaches in and pulls out a frozen bag of egg whites and told me this is my only option. It was as if they were frozen peas.

However, whether it be the Trader Joe’s peanut butter that doesn’t exist here or the special ingredients that were so easily on hand in the States, my options are fewer here. And it makes me appreciate the smallest things, a bit more.

Silly American again- learning the ropes and what fewer options there are, yet, learning to be grateful. Like saving energy with no air conditioning.

Have a healthy and fit day!

Melting in Australia,