Ahhh the metric system.

I of course knew that Australia follows the metric system but I was clearly not thinking it through while grocery shopping. I was gathering items for my domesticated dinner for the evening, beef stir fry with fresh mint and cilantro. I went to the meat section and quickly realized that my “half of a pound” of beef flank was going to have to be eye-balled because I had the slightest clue at the time how that converted into grams. Yet, I was so focused on weight that I picked up Kangaroo instead of beef! The metric challenge didn’t stop there.

Making my way to the deli, I wanted some turkey for lunches. “Hi can I have a half pound of turkey?” The employee quickly replied, “Does that mean you want half a kilo?” Ahh! Again, I made an American of myself and had to ask for her to hold up a handful of deli meat and eye-ball the needed amount.

I am certainly getting acquainted in the grocery store and still working on the kilometer conversations when discussing distance. I have now memorized that 250 grams is ~ half a pound and that 1K is ~ 1.3 miles.

Cheers to you and good health!

My first kangaroo experience!