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Channel Your Mental Energy

You have to BE before you are able to DO – Any success starts from within you to spread around to touch your life and the world. You are the most valuable source of advancement in the world. Your realization of this fact can empower you to explore who you are based on your creation and how to BE therefore you can DO.

It is sad to observe that blame and complaint becoming an epidemic. It is becoming a form of an approved identity of individuals, and therefore of nations. It creates financial losses, human and selves’ devastation.

As an individual you are holding the key for a positive change, triumph and enduring success for yourself and the world.

Your choice of taking a positive action of realizing who you are, and the power you are holding from within it starts change in your life. You can implement your choice by simply shifting your mental energy from looking at the past and complaining about it to focus your energy on today, and know what you want for the future.
You can determine the direction of your mental energy by asking yourself “What is my intention now?”

Complaining, talking, protesting, and blaming bring more of what you are complaining about. It engulfs you into a circle of darkness, bitterness, and resentment. Taking the responsibility of asking yourself “What can I do to create a positive change?” “What am I capable of achieving?” “How can I improve to get out of the circle of misery?” “How can I lead to encourage individuals around me to implement the same change?” All will lead you to the right answer and the way to advance and make a difference. Every action you take will result in a change. It will raise yourself esteem and empower you for more success.

Economy is one of the undeniable aspects of needed positive change. You are the economy not the opposite. Everyone is blaming the economy for the global crisis. I am going to be little bit in your face and say your behavior is the economy. Change your behavior and the economy will improve. Gratitude, Giving, and Action are three powerful words to improve you and consequently the economical crisis.

Regardless, you are holding a power from within, your choice of using this power or abusing it, is what makes a difference in your life and the world.

I have put together an affordable online coaching program to guide you through self awareness to accomplish your dreams and visions. The program is a call for positive change of individuals for better life, happiness, and peace. It is motivational, empowering, non instructive, and targeted for higher advancements in life.

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Rola Jabri is a founder and president of MAOC Studio Inc. As a marketing consultant, and trainer she ventured in different venues with entrepreneurs to reach out to individuals, as they are the source of any positive change in the world.

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