Everyone and their mom knows how good Chipotle is unless, that is, if you live in the US. My finace and I have been cravvvvvvvvvvvvvvvving it (we currently live in Melbourne, Australia) and the closest thing we can find is something called Mad Mex. And after trial and trial, I could use a burrito bowl ASAP. But what I am to do? Fly thousands of miles for a bite?

I resort to creating my own. And I have done so for the last 3 weeks in regards to packing our lunches Chipotle style. However, I am excited that I use the freshest ingredients and free range chicken, but if you could imagine, my taste buds need a tango – a change. It can be tough though to make up lunches that aren’t sandwiches or canned soups (typically canned soups have gluten in them, therefore not gluten free nor paleo). So I’ve done some brainstorming of what I can pack for the weeks ahead.

  • Kabobs (or for my Australian readers and friends – Kebabs) – pick you favorite meat, throw on some sauteed bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, onions.
  • Raw veggies and hard boiled eggs (free range/organic preferred)
  • Salad wrap and meet/tuna and avocado
  • Homemade turkey burgers/grass-fed beef burger and spicy salad
  • Frittata– the variety of fritatas are endless. make one with you favorite veggies or change things up and make it Greek style
  • Chipotle-style lunch – as I mentioned I’ve been packing this lunch quite a bit. It’s quite simple and you can make a week’s worth all on a Sunday. I shred chicken, flavor it with cilantro and pinto bean salsa. Sautee juileanned bell peppers and onion with some olive oil, more spices (including heat) and pack it in a container w/ some refried beans.

What do you pack for lunch?

Cheers to you and good health!