On my way out the door this morning I breezed over an article that addressed the rise in obesity along with the rise in weight gain in college. Many moons ago, I was a precollege advisor, and incoming freshman often asked, “Do you really gain weight/Freshman 15.” And as a dietitian and a college student at the time my answer was consistently, “No. Not if you “plan” on it.”

To gain weight you have to be making choices that cause the gain. I definately understand how easy it is to make the slightest changes in my lifestyle to add a few pounbds here and there. My point of this story is as a society, obesity needs to be confronted and not just accepted. We are American, we are all trying to get ahead and that leaves little to no time to be an extreme athlete or organic gardener. BUT we can all “plan” out time to take care of ourselves and our loved ones.

I ask you today, to start with one small change. Let it be an additional glass of water or an added walk to your lunch hour. With each small change, comes small successes, and it’s okay to slip up every now and then. We are human. Just be sure to steer back on track in the end.

Cheers to good health and have a healthy and fit day!