Christmas is one of the biggest holidays for my family and I think it is safe to assume for many Americans. But this year, living in Australia, it is easy to forget that the festive holiday is just a few short days away. It is the middle of the summer, there are more palm trees than pine, no one in the neighborhood has holiday lights and when snooping through the windows I am convinced we are the only ones that have stockings hanging up. This may be an exaggeration because we live in the city but it is extremely different than my experiences in the US.

However, it is okay to be different and it is okay to put your time and energy in other things. Perspective is everything and this concept came to life when catching up with my parents this weekend when feeling a little homesick (Don’t get me wrong, I love Melbourne and I love living in another country; it’s just holidays, birthdays and newborn babies that get the best of my emotions). In life there is not always an answer and even when you believe everything happens for a reason, you have to stay strong and live in the moment of good company and faith.

As today’s Monday Mover think of something you love and think of something, a situation or a position that you do not enjoy. What can change about the something, situation or position? Start with altering your perspective.

Your outlook on life is everything. You are in charge of how you think, how you act and how you treat others, including yourself. Make the most of each day, no matter where you are. If you feel like you have hit rock bottom, know the only way to go is up and if you are glowing and full of energy, share it with others.

Today is a new day, a new week and if you want, a new you. This week I am starting early on one of my New Year’s resolutions by being the best person I can be. Starting with positive internal thoughts, appropriate compliments, extending a hand when able, making good food choices and exercises for my body and sharing the holiday spirit.

Cheers to you and good health!