What if you used these last 90 days to ramp up to the best year of your life?

Commit to these last 90 days by joining Kel’s Community and starting in October, become/enhance being UNAPOLOGETIC about making the best choices for your health, energy, happiness, and growth. If you get tired, learn to rest, not quit.

I am excited to see what magic we can make happen, when we shift our focus on small daily actions, to evolve and grow into the best version of ourselves springboarding into 2023!

By joining Kel’s Community before October 1, you automatically get access to this one-of-a-kind program. You can join by simply sending Kel an email [email protected].


Last 90-Day Details

  • Each week Kelly will provide you a concise and impactful email with nutrition education, resources and tools (including 30-day trackers, a Last 90-Day meal plan, a Last 90-Day workbook, and more.
  • Each month has a theme…
  • Mid-Month we will have a live group call to ask Kel anything and everything related to health, wellness, nutrition and movement. Recordings will be provided.
  • October focuses on Self-Care & Self-Discipline with a touch of being sober curious
  • November focuses on Metabolic Health & Gratitude
  • December focuses on Nourishment & Movement
  • Join in even if it’s the middle of the month or the end of the program
  • What’s the cost? Just $10.99/mo or you can join Kel’s community for just $60/6 months.
  • Questions? Email me [email protected]

Why Am I Leading This Program?

  • Honestly, these past 9+ months have been some of the hardest times in my adult life, but equally or more so, a period of exceptional growth. I am eager to close this year on a high note, feeling healthy, inspired, and excited for 2023. Each day is worth celebrating and today we can get closer to the best versions of ourselves.
  • Organizing a program that focuses on making good, healthy choices, in a season of celebrations, can be viewed as impossible, or it can be spun into a season of focus and structure and accomplishing whatever we put our mind to.⁠
  • Now, are you ready to advocate your needs? Are you ready to be unapologetic about making a healthier choice for yourself? Let’s strive, challenge, change and grow into the best person you are meant to be!

Why Join?

  • PS, join at any point. You don’t have to begin on October 1. Come in and join at any time and honor, mentally, where you are.
  • Now, why should you join?
  • Have you ever felt refreshed by the end of the holiday season?
  • Have you ever been upset by holiday weight gain? The average Joe/Josie gains ~6 lbs this time of year.
  • Have you ever wished you saved more money by New Year’s?
  • Have you ever been proud of how much or how little alcohol you consumed through the holidays?
  • Have you ever felt your strongest by the end of the year?
  • Have you ever felt your best by New Year’s?
  • Make this year different by having small, realistic, weekly goals, to change how you’d answer the questions above.
  • When Do We Start? October 1; but enroll before then to get your tools in advance!

What’s Involved?

  • This is a realistic program and community to weave into your busy schedule. It will help educate you, inspire you to make slightly better decisions, and unveil realistic goals you can set and achieve for yourself.
  • Until we begin, focus on small steps to better health and start by solidifying the habit of hydrating daily and performing random acts of good deeds. Paying it forward is one of the easiest ways to improve your mood and happiness.