Kick off the month with Kel and a community focused on drinking less and experiencing more.

For four weeks+ indulge in better sleep, refreshed skin, harness more energy, and time to engage and learn non-negotiable routines to take care of yourself this season and well beyond.

While this program has the word “sober,” in the title, being sober is an option, but required. The end goal is to take better care of yourself and also overall drink less.

Research shows breaking the booze habit, even briefly, has its benefits

Specifically, in 2016, data revealed that when 850 men and women who volunteered to abstain from alcohol during Dry January found that participants reported a range of benefits.

  • For instance, 82 percent said they felt a sense of achievement.
  • “Better sleep” was cited by 62 percent, and
  • 49 percent said they lost some weight.

In 2017, another research study compared the health outcomes among a group of men and women who agreed to stop drinking for one month, with the health of a group that continued to consume alcohol.

  • just after one month — people, by and large, lost some weight
  • They had improvements in insulin sensitivity,
  • their blood pressure numbers improved and
  • their liver labs got better.

Lastly, and I’ll wrap up my research plugs, data from a 2018 study found that 1 alcohol-free month boosts long-term health.

  • Giving up alcohol for a month helped the participants reduce their number of drinking days later in the year.
  • The number decreased from an average of 4.3 days per week before taking part in Dry January to an average of 3.3 days per week afterward.
  • Moreover, people who were completely sober for a month also got drunk a lot less frequently later on in the year. Rates of excessive drinking fell from an average of 3.4 times per month at baseline to 2.1 times per month on average.

What Has Kel Designed For You During These 4 Weeks?

  • Begin with unique recommendations from Kel with an email consult. She will have you fill out a thorough questionnaire and will provide specific recommendations for you, and
  • she will also put together a personalized supplement plan based on your goals, medical history, and nutrient needs/gaps.
  • As a community, we will come together kicking off with a live call on Monday, October 2nd. A recording will be provided and questions can be taken in advance.
  • Kel has designed a 4-week meal plan focused on supporting stress levels with targeted ingredients for your adrenals, the organ that manages cortisol production. This meal plan is low in sugar and high in healthy fat and protein. The diet includes whole, fresh fruits and vegetables, quality protein (organic/wild-caught poultry and fish), healthy fats and carbohydrates, and plenty of fluids. Average daily calories 1769; carbs are 29%
  • You will get an insightful Sober October eBook but also (!!!) a Drink Less – Experience More workbook, helping you create desired change and adopt new habits quicker and more effectively.
  • Each week will begin with a short education on worthy routines and research to help motivate you via email that will help you get more out of your intentions, days, and month.
  • A free month to Kel’s Community membership program!
  • A community to grow with, connect with, and move forward together.

Why Do Kel’s Program This October?

  • Kel has great experience working with a group virtually and her talents will help you on an individual basis.
  • It’s timely. Summer has longer hours of daylight and often more social gatherings and indulgences. Take these 4 weeks to nourish, restore and learn how you can improve your lifestyle this month and beyond.
  • October lends itself as a perfect time to pause, reflect and design helpful routines before moving into a holiday season.
  • We are all starved of time, but this program can weave into a busy schedule. The only time commitments include the 2 group calls, but those will be recorded. You can do this.
  • These targeted 4 weeks can help you improve how alcohol plays a role in your health and overall goals.
  • While I am loyal to your success, I will never work harder than you do.
  • …and much more!

Who is ready to join me? Please fill out the form below.

List price is $199 and Early Bird pricing is available until September 24th.


ANY Age, ANY Education, ANY Income, ANY Profession, ANY Race or Religion. While I’d like to help everyone, this program is not meant for those who may be facing addiction to alcohol.