Kelly’s 2020 Wellness Gift Guide!

Kelly’s 2020 Wellness Gift Guide!

I believe less is more, and this season I am focusing on experiences and quality gifts and I’ve organized a list of my favs for you below. Some of these items I do indeed have an affiliate account with (bc I love them) and some of the items I’ve listed I get nothing besides pure joy for promoting them.

Roses are red, violets are blue, there is no shame in buying for yourself too!


  • Pique Tea. I love my coffee, but when it comes to Tea, Pique tea is the best. Beyond taste, they are also clear of chlorines or toxins, which can be found, unfortunately, in many tea bags.
  • Starting January 4, 2021, a 28-day smoothie based detox. This program comes with an eBook and daily email support. Email me for more information and to order.
  • I am going to now list my favorite, sulfite-free, GMO-free, and dye-free wine, Dry Farm Wine. Parties this year are fewer, but you can send the party as a gift with this healthier wine, which is also blood sugar friendly.
  • Hu chocolate – this is my GO-TO chocolate when the desire strikes. My favorite flavor is cashew raspberry, hands-down.


  • Fabletics. Great workout clothing that is comfortable and complimenting. My daily wear often includes something from Fabletics, from the joggers to their turtleneck sweatshirts.
  • Add zen to the stocking with this Lavender Essential Oil roller. I love using this roller before bed when my mind feels busy or if I have worries to come for the following day.
  • Slippers. This year, more than ever, begs for comfort and warmth. I’ve worn these everlasting Ugg’s and can also recommend these cashmere knit slipper booties.
  • Xero Shoes – I LOVE my xero shoes. These shoes are designed with posture and body alignment in mind. They come in a variety of flavors, but I use mine for walking and running.
  • Customized apparel – like my branded apron made by Customized Girl! No doubt, local to Columbus, but they provide shipping throughout the USA.


  • Pre-made meals from Balanced Bites – they are cooked fresh then immediately frozen for delivery. We are moving towards this from our Sunbasket meals. Sunbasket was pretty good, but this is faster, higher-quality, and easier.
  • Thrive Market Membership – Thank you, gods, for saving this momma time and money, filtering healthier choices for my staples and go-to’s. From body wash, sunscreen, makeup, to pantry items, I order from Thrive on average 3x a month. Looking at my app, it projects I will save just under $2,000 this year from the items I most often buy.
  • Get organized and even stay on task with COMMIT30’s journals, fitness trackers, and more. I LOVE all of their products.


  • Drink more water daily, using metal-free, plastic-free straws.
  • Transforming your mind, body, and home has never been easier with essential oils and essential oil-infused products, including this starter Health Kit from doTERRA.
  • Upgrade cleaning products and home essentials with essential oils.


  • I LOVE my local yoga studio membership but also my Yoga Studio app, where I can do a yoga session for 10 minutes or 90 minutes, adjusting for the intensity I want and style from restorative, to stretching to strength.
  • Work with me. I have a proven 4-month program helping clients take control of their blood sugar levels, the food they eat and how they enjoy their food. Let me help you in 2021.
  • Enhance your skin with this stocking-stuffer Jade Roller. I was gifted this last year and have added it to my nightly routine.
  • Depuff your eyes, with this eye cooling mask which can also be heated to help decompress from a long day.
  • Jump rope – many workouts have moved to the basement or garage, and there is nothing better than a rebounding workout (supports immunity) using a trampoline or old school jump rope.
  • I am about to go old school here, but how about a health magazine subscription? A little inspiration in their mailbox each month. Wonderful!


  • The Magic Of Thinking Big – Millions of readers have acquired the secrets of success through The Magic of Thinking Big. Achieve everything you always wanted: financial security, power and influence, the ideal job, satisfying relationships, and rewarding, happy life.
  • 10% Happier – Startling, provocative, and often very funny . . . [10% HAPPIER] will convince even the most skeptical reader of meditation’s potential. (Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project)
  • A Genius Life – Heal Your Mind, Strengthen Your Body, and Become Extraordinary (Genius Living)
  • A Children’s Cookbook – for a gluten-free family. Reinvigorating the art of cooing in our youth.
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