At my last visit to the endocrinologist, I was discussing my morning regimen with the doc. My favorite (or used to be favorite) thing for breakfast was old fashion oats cooked in water, flavored with some cinnamon and a dab of natural peanut butter. Yet this delicious meal made my blood sugar hang in the higher range of where I wanted it to be and the doc said, hands down, this is what we can change. The suggested change was simple, yummy and nutritious. She said, “You should swap the AM oats for eggs. More protein and less carbohydrate will prevent spikes in blood sugar.”

What did I do with this information? I took it a step further! I am eating my eggs in the morning and other protein dominant meals and no matter what, I only choose and purchase cage free, organic eggs. When I like a brand I don’t hold back on mentioning it to my readers. Eggland’s Best is one of the best.

Cage free eggs are uncaged and free to roam. The hens are provided sunlight, shade, shelter, exercise area, fresh air and are protected from pesticides. And organic eggs mean that the hens were fed organic feed. This is important to me because I want to eat eggs that have no antibiotics and no hormones.

Furthermore, I may rave about Eggland Best eggs because as a type 1 diabetic the higher content of vitamin E, Omega 3, and lutein compared to other conventional eggs is very beneficial for my health. Lastly, these eggs are lower in fat and saturated fat than regular eggs.

So I recommend that you make your morning an incredible and edible one with some healthy eggs.

Have a healthy and fit day!