It’s hard to manage what we don’t monitor, but how does someone without a diagnosis of diabetes or high blood sugar know what to look out for? Below, I’ve doodled some graphics to help clarify, along with sharing some of my type 1 diabetes experiences.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me, if you want some one-on-one help. It’s my passion and professional specialty.

Imbalanced blood sugars impact more than just people with diabetes and balancing them can do wonders for not just your health, but also how you feel.⁠⠀
If any of the above symptoms hit home, take action to understand your blood sugar control. If you need more handholding on how to test fasting glucose levels and daily readings, when to test, and how to interpret numbers, reach out.⁠ Our healthcare system is very good at reacting to disease, but I can help you get in front of it. ⁠

Signs of imbalanced blood sugars (diabetic or not):⁠⠀
– Brain fog⁠⠀
– Confusion⁠⠀
– Irritability⁠⠀
– Sweating⁠⠀
– Hunger⁠⠀
– Thirst⁠⠀
– Weakness⁠⠀
– Tremors⁠⠀
– Blurred Vision⁠⠀
– Fatigue⁠⠀
– Headache⁠⠀
– Insomnia⁠⠀
– Waking up throughout the night⁠⠀

Raise your hand if you feel a mood swing in full force when your blood sugar is rising, or how about a little dose of anxiety flooding the gates? Good thing it’s not my personality! It’s my blood sugar and I can stop it in its tracks…

For my T1D followers, you know what I’m talking about, but if you don’t have diabetes and you question your blood sugars, here are some symptoms you might experience if your blood sugars have spiked.

Signs of high blood sugars:
– Difficulty focusing
– Brain fog
– Really thirsty
– Blurred vision
– Headache
– Feeling tired
– Heavy

When I was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in second grade, I would hold my hand out and stare at it to decide whether or not I was shaking, hence experiencing low blood. Yet now, thanks to the past 5 years of a CGM, I have a much stronger connection with how I feel and what my blood sugar is or doing (going up or down). ⠀

Thankfully as an adult, I wake up in my sleep if I am low. When I was younger I’d have more seizures than I can count on 1 hand. Other immediate signs now are if I have a hard time thinking full sentences, or if I am listening to a webinar or podcast, my brain feels like the person is talking at super speed.

Signs of low blood sugars:
– Hangry⠀
– Cold clammy skin⠀
– Sweaty⠀
– Confusion⠀
– Nervous⠀
– Jittery⠀
– Scared⠀
– Hungry/hangry⠀
– Drunk⠀

Do you have any of these signs of low blood sugar? Do you have any different indications of low blood sugar? Let me know if you can use a hand at identifying what is the root cause of blood sugar imbalance and how to rectify it.