Stress + diabetes = 👇⁠⠀
No doubt, stress is somewhat chronic right now. Worrying about ill family members, homeschooling, childcare, mom guilt, running a business, on top of caring for my diabetes, I’ve noticed a shift. Yet, I am healthy and holding onto that!⁠⠀

⁠The impact of stress on someone with diabetes:⠀
– Lack of attention to the quality of food you’re eating⁠⠀
– Lack of attention to the amount of food you’re eating⁠⠀
– Strong negative feelings towards diabetes⁠⠀
– Checking your blood sugars TOO much⁠⠀
– Not checking your blood sugars enough⁠⠀
– Feeling anxiety or depression⁠⠀
– Difficulty practicing self-care⁠⠀
– Tricky high blood sugars⁠⠀
– Not exercising as often⁠⠀
– Feeling alone⁠⠀
– Disruption of routine⁠⠀
Stress can affect our overall well-being, but it can also guide us towards growth. Nonetheless, if you’re feeling the burdens of stress, message me. I’m here to help.⁠⠀