Are you desk-bound while working at home or in an office? Do you find a lack of activity in your daily life? Chances are if you are working at a desk, then you are in front of computer screens all day long and perhaps having a few meals multitasking to-dos with satisfying hunger.

In this article, we’re going to look at some of the many ways that you can improve your physical and mental health when you work in an office all day. 

Address Snacking 

We all like to snack from time-to-time. However, if you work in a desk job it can be quite easy to start snacking often. Look for low-calorie snacks such as Youtopia snacks, fresh fruit & veg, or nuts. These will leave you feeling fuller and more satisfied in the long-run. 

Stand Up

Instead of working in a seat, you could opt to work standing up at a standing desk. If you can stay on your feet for as much of the day as possible, then you’ll be moving around far more and using muscles in your legs. 

Take Walking Meetings 

Instead of sitting down for meetings, why not go for a walk with your co-workers, clients, and employees? Walking meetings are a great way of staying on point and focused an can even help brew more creative ideas. 

Do Three Minute Work Outs

Exercising in short bursts will help you to speed up your metabolism. Not only this, but it will also give you plenty of energy too while lowering your stress levels. Do bodyweight exercises such as squats, pushups, and jumping jacksThe great thing about such short bursts of exercise is that you won’t get too sweaty from doing your workouts

Take Regular Screen Breaks  

Staring at screens all day is not at all good for your eyesight. When you stare at screens it causes you to strain your eyes. This could cause you headaches and it could damage your eyes. 

Make sure that you plan regular breaks where you will leave your computer screen. If you have been told by your optician to wear glasses for using computers, then you must do this. Finally, be sure and visit your opticians regularly, about once every two years is recommended.