I don’t know about you but I haven’t been home at all this summer on the weekends. My suitcase is always half full and I am always planning the organization of my next trip. The hardest part is knowing how to stay healthy and feeling good while flying, busing, training, driving to one place or another. Consider my ideas below and enjoy yourself this season in the sun with friends and family.

1. Pack them running shoes. You never know when you can sneak in a morning jog or walk. The perfect way to pack your shoes is by putting each shoe in a shower cap. When staying in hotel take full advantage of their shower cap samples.

2.  Stock up on water. Flying itself can quickly dehydrate you. Grab an empty water bottle and fill it up once you pass through security. Staying fully hydrated will help you not mistake thirst for hunger.

3. Pack some snacks. Since I’ve been diagnosed with gluten intolerance, I’ve been forced to bring my own food. This has benefited my health and stearedthrough the advertisement exposure involved with traveling. I always have some fruit, raw veggies, jerky (I love the organic buffalo jerky at Raison Rack) and mixed nuts. Save your waiste-line and your wallet by packing snacks.

4. Rest up and eat right prior to the trip because when you are on vacation. you are on vacation! Indulge mindfully with an ice cold beer, glass of wine and/or ice cream.

5. Soak up the culture. Learning new things to eat and do will always be an added bonus to your lifestyle. I love checking out the local farmer’s markets, non-chain cafes and sports. Chicago’s farmers market has the best WI cheese, San Francisco has the best (everything) organic options and the list goes on.

Safe travels this summer and have a healthy and fit day!