What a perfect day to talk about the things we love. For those that know me, you could immediately point out a few of my favorite things…peanut butter. But beyond consumables there are more compassionate things that make-up a good life. What do you desire and adore most?

If I had to list on one hand the things I love and appreciate, it would look something like this:

1.  The desire to learn – I never want to stop learning. Let the knowledge be gained from reading, communicating and good relationships.

2.  Travel. Traveling has broadened my mind in many different ways. I certainly haven’t traveled enough but the times I have the opportunity to do it, I feel renewed and rejuvenated.

3.  Relationships. What is travel and experiences like if you don’t have someone to cherish it with? I value my relationships with my friends near and far away, my family and my fiance. I love you.

4.  Well-being. Well-being includes all things health. The ability to exercise, play sport and having a balanced frame of mind. Well-being is something I strive for every day and even though I have to force myself to step out of my comfort zone – to do things like running a half marathon, biking a 45K, attending a crazy flow-like yoga class or boxing session – I once again feel refreshed.

5.  Humor. What is life without laughter – no more needs to be said.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Make it a healthy and fit one!