Have you ever noticed that Jill, Sally or Sue dropped 10 pounds “so easily” for her wedding? It was not the Bridezilla in her that made it happen, but it was simply the concept of focusing in on what she wanted. Like Jill, Sally, Sue or whomever, I too want to feel great on my wedding day. This is my plan:

1. Run three days a week in a tube top so I don’t get tan lines

2. Eat strict meals

3. I hope you don’t believe any of the above

In reality my plan is to just focus in on what I want and without a doubt I am not sacrificing my health and cutting calories too closely to get there. I am going to just make sure that I don’t splurge at times I’d normally like to, eat consistently throughout the day, fit in exercise when I can and to try not to stress.

If you are trying to weigh in at your goal weight if you are getting married or not, zero in on exactly what you want and really want it. Have your desire match up with your motivation and you’ll be surprised as to where that will get you.

The best asset to a bride is her appearance of happiness, right?!

Have a healthy and fit day!