fallDon’t let the dropping temperatures intrigue you to pick up some pounds. This season can involve fewer social events and give you the opportunity to focus on some active hobbies. A few of my favorite winter interests include:

  • Bikram yoga- it is like a physical detox. I feel awesome after each class.
  • Find a specialty class at the gym- like pilates or butts and guts.
  • Snowboarding- I hope to get a larger group of friends this winter to make it over to WI for a few ski trips.
  • Reading- I find that I have more down time at night to read in the winter. I love finding new motivational books and cuddling up to a large mug of tea.
  • Coffee dates- Who doesn’t love coffee? I like meeting with a friend for a coffee date to catch up and people watch.
  • Training- I try to find a race to train through the winter. This year I am doing the Disney World half marathon!

What do you find more time to do in the winter? Whatever it is, strive to find something that you enjoy and betters yourself mentally, physically and emotionally.

Have a healthy and fit day!