In this not so lovely recession, it has been noted that many consumers are purchasing more vitamins. I am by no means the vitamin police but I want to stress the importance that diet should not be overlooked while taking supplements. It is great that people are thinking of their well-being in these tough times but don’t miss the boat that nutrient-dense food is what does your body good. Think of it this way — Did your great grandma run to the market to buy MonaVie juice? No. Decades ago these type of supplements were not available and people were eating whole, unprocessed food. If you choose to supplement your diet with vitamins, etc., be sure to continue to focus on what you are eating too.

A few pointers for staying on the health track (these tips are not ranked in any way):
  1. Eat your meals and stop at a point where you would normally want two more bites. Eating less means having to buy less BUT do not eat too few calories. Click here for guidance.
  2. Eat breakfast! I can’t say this enough; it can do wonders for your body and metabolism! But, be sure to make it a healthy and balanced meal. Sample: Greek yogurt and whole-grain, high fiber cereal, topped with fruit.
  3. Drink plenty of water. Finally, a new study revealed a connection with drinking water and weight loss. Published in Obesity, researchers found that women who had up to 1 liter of water a day dropped as much as 5 pounds in a year.
  4. Eat enough protein. Protein can play a strong role in satiety (feeling of fullness). Try to incorporate lean protein either from dairy, meat, beans or vegetarian products in most of your meals and/or snacks. My favorite afternoon snack right now is edamame!
  5. Sleep. Yes cardio and anaerobic exercise does wonders to our bodies but what good can it do with no sleep? Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.
  6. Strive to always do your best and take care of yourself and your health.

Have a healthy and fit day!