Pun intended, yall! David is not only jumping out of planes but is reaching new heights in health and setting goals for himself. I am proud of you David! Keep up the great work and inspiring others!

“It is difficult to express in a few sentences the depth of my gratitude and appreciation for Kelly and the immense help that she’s been to me. I set out with a specific goal in mind which was achieved, however much more came out of our time together than I had ever imagined possible. Kelly’s knowledge, experience, and care have brought me to a place where I now have a deep understanding and appreciation for nutrition as well as the underlying behaviors that drive an unhealthy relationship with food. I have developed a strong sense of empowerment that will stay with me over the remaining decades of my life. I look forward to staying in touch with Kelly in the future. I have decided to check in with her about every 5 years to gauge how well I’m doing and to identify any additional changes needed as I enter into my older years.

I still remember the conversation in which we were discussing my obsession with the bathroom scale. Kelly stated, “it’s just a number, I accepted that a long time ago and moved on.” Knowing that Kelly is a Type 1 diabetic, her comment brought a perspective to me and my own numbers. Specifically, that whatever my numbers are, they are not a matter of life or death. I count myself fortunate to have found a Registered Dietician & Wellness Coach that has type 1 diabetes, given that Kelly brings first-hand experiences with maintaining insulin levels and healthy eating that other dieticians are unable to do.”