I had a question – I saw on your latest post that one of the foods you eat is white rice. I thought brown rice is better for you?

The difference between brown and white rice is minimal but big enough to make a fuss over. On the outside looking in, brown rice’s nutrient profile looks better (fiber, etc) but brown rice more antinutrients, which come from the bran and germ part of the seed.

If you are aware of the process of how white rice is made, the bran and germ is mostly removed, making it a less allergenic food source. According to the Weston A. Price Foundation, approximately 84-99% of the dry weight of brown rice is phytic acid. This is where white rice measures up more in our favor. Bottom line, if you are looking for nutritious food seek out ingredients, produce, protein that are more dense in vitamins and minerals per calorie. Nonetheless, rice can be a good vehicle for healthy fats such as ghee, butter and/or coconut oil and above all, if you do not need the carbs, opt for cauliflower rice.

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Cheers to you and good health,