Longer daylight hours and can lend to more snacking. The goal is to choose snacks that don’t stimulate insulin. Remember these 3 tips to do just that: ⠀
  1. No “naked carbs”
  2. If you want a food that is higher in carbs (fruit, grains, sweets) add a fat or protein to buffer the glucose absorption. So if I am using the term “naked carbs,” this would be an example of putting some clothes on my carbs. Get it?
  3. Better yet, have a protein or high-fat food like nuts or cheese with some vegetables to hold you over until your next meal.
Remember, snacks are bridges to our next meal, not a mini-meal and also it is okay to be hungry (I wouldn’t say famished). The best ingredient in a meal is an appetite. What are you snacking on this season? ⠀

My go-to’s? ⠀
  • Fat bombs (recipes on my site) ⠀
  • Electrolytes (LMNT is one of a kind) with seaweed snacks (great for the thyroid)
  • Macadamia nut milk with fresh berries, vanilla collagen, and ice. ⠀