If the challenge was put before me – what 5 foods would I choose to live off of for the rest of my life? Do I choose purely by health; well that actually doesn’t limit me too much. The foods that I think are most nutritious are actually to me the most delicious. So this is what I am thinking:

Coconut – I could turn this into coconut oil, flakes, cream, water! The list goes on. Am I cheating? Fair enough though, a single coconut can be amended to all the things noted above meanwhile serving a nice helping of fiber, medium chain triglycerides, lauric acid, energy and more. Overall, coconut has so many health benefits including weight loss my friends. One study out of the Journal of Nutrition suggests that we can expend more calories digesting medium-chain triglycerides (coconut) than digesting long-chain fatty acids (found in almonds, avocados, olive oil).

Pumpkin – I love pumpkin year round. I roast it, I make soup out of it, I scramble eggs into it, I put it on salads, I spice it up with cinnamon, nuts and/or dates, I eat it plain or if I am feeling indulgent I will mix roasted pumpkin with either grassfed butter (savory) or drizzle some dark chocolate morsels over it. Pumpkin is so delicious and I really favor it’s texture/mouth feel. Pumpkin is packed with nutrients, it is versatile and economical. I should be a sales rep for pumpkin, eh? Please note, pumpkin in a can is not what I am preaching here. I buy the green pumpkin (Japanese) and make it fresh every time. More often than not, I make such a large batch and freeze a portion of it.

Macadamia Nuts – I have always liked nuts, but macadamia nuts get their own category. The first time I had fresh, and I mean fresh macadamia nuts in Australia, I thought heaven exploded in my mouth. I could taste the fresh juices (oil) as I was chewing them and it was unforgettable  Macadamia nuts are good with just about anything. I like them in my salad, on their own, as dessert with some fruit or dark chocolate and more. I have even put them in my eggs (when I cook eggs with fresh berries). Have you ever had macadamia nut butter? I make my own and it’s scrumptious. Going back to how I put macadamia nuts in their own category – it is not only because they are tasty but also because they are the least inflammatory of all nuts, with the best fatty acid ratio in comparison to almonds, walnuts, etc. Macadamia nuts are high in fat and protein and therefore serve as a good snack option (if you can control the amount). However, we all have to remember too much of a good thing, just is not good.

Beef or pork?!! Pork – This is really a tie. I like meat and always buy the grassfed, pastured raised sources. Both pork and beef are so good for us and really make us thrive, especially when we eat non-traditional cuts and homemade bone broths. But getting down to how I choose between the two, pork is a little more versatile. If I were to live off one of these meats for the rest of my life, I want to enjoy something that can be grilled to something that can be made in skillet (bacon!).

Eggs – An egg yolk a day will keep the doctor away as far as I am concerned. This is also factoring in the type of egg – free range, cage free, organic eggs are the best. Eggs contain fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K as well as carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin. They also contain calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, thiamin, folate, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Did I mention eggs are delicious. I start most mornings with 2 Paleo Infused Breakfast muffins or 2 poached eggs.

Oh no – are you getting worried that I am eating too many eggs because of cholesterol? Well, let me explain something as fast as I can. Elevated serum levels of cholesterol is a symptom of an underlining problem, not the cause of the problem. The underlining problem is oftentimes inflammation at the artery level. Cholesterol is present because it was sent to the artery to help/heal the inflammation. When inflammation doesn’t subside, more cholesterol is sent to the problematic area and starts to accumulate around the artery as a band aid. At this point plaque can start to build up and you have “high cholesterol.” So long story short, dietary cholesterol is not the worry. If you want to know more about cholesterol and what foods should be demonized please read, Good Calories, Bad Calories, by Gary Taubes. So bottom line, cholesterol is sent to treat a problem, not to cause it.

If I was allowed a bonus food, I add Wild Salmon!

**Wild Salmon – High quality protein with a nutritious offering of fat. Salmon is tasty whether it is smoked, raw, steamed or grilled. I will be picky too. I will not accept farmed-salmon. It’s like comparing a fresh beet to beets from a can, soaked in syrup.

Aww man – how did I not get dark chocolate in this list? I guess we have to pick and choose.

Here are what a few of my followers had to say (and when I raised the question, I limited it to 3):

Amy Gonsalves Avocados for sure!

Carly Smith coffee, grassfed beef for sure!

Mark Braceros Bacon, bacon and bacon.

Jon Boyd I would go eggs, pork and apples

Cynthia Zuber Eggs, almonds and apples

Anthony Rees Bacon, eggs, beef

Michelle McCartan Eggs, berries, salmon

@LowCarbRD – salmon, avocado, kale. Wish I could have 5 — would add almond butter and bell peppers 🙂

What 5 foods would you live off of?