Each January do you tell yourself you are going to stick to a specific health goal, but find clothing a little snug come Valentine’s Day? Aside from your best efforts, do you find yourself mindlessly eating at 3 pm, in the evening after the kids go to bed or your day winds down?

Have you purchased a program, done Weight Watchers (or the likes), did a gym challenge or Whole30, without sustainable practices in the long-run?

What if this year was different? What if you had the props and advice to be in control of your desire to reach for food or finish your plate? What if you had a go-to practice to calm your mind and self-talk? What if you didn’t have to diet to lose weight? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not, and often it’s not what we eat, it’s what is eating us and so much more.

Explore the solutions this January 27th, and join Kit and Kelly for The Mind-Body Wellness Retreat from 1-4pm to embark on this New Year by eating well, weighing less, and enjoying more, with self-care, a healthy mindset, and education of how to eat, while ditching dieting.

At the Retreat we will:

  • teach evidence-based strategies with proven results to help you eat properly, engage in self-care and compassion, ditch dieting and engage in mindfulness
  • graduate deprivation and grow a better understanding of your appetite.
  • recognize if your hormones are out of balance and how to improve them
  • how to tune in to hunger and reduce all the thinking around food through visualization techniques
  • what and when to eat to lose fat.

Come comfortable, even in yoga clothing (although we will not be doing yoga), and get ready to adopt a new mindset to help you be the best version of yourself this season and the years to come.

Light, wholesome foods will be served to wrap up the retreat.

Click here for Registration, $197. We can’t wait to have you.


Kit’s Bio:
Kit is a licensed acupuncturist, certified clinical hypnotist, and wellness coach. She incorporates mind-body strategies to help her patients and clients achieve sustainable, optimum change. With over 16 years of experience, Kit now specializes in weight, pain and stress management. Learn more about Kit: bexleyacupuncture.com

Kelly’s Bio:
Kelly’s holistic private practice helps clients beyond their plate. As someone who has had type 1 diabetes for 25+ years, she uses her education as a Registered Dietitian and experiences to be a detective for her clients. Kelly specializes in autoimmune disease, blood sugar control, gut health, and hormone balance. She is the co-creator behind the 8-lecture course “Healthy Cuisine: A Wellness Guide for Diabetes,” and the author of, “What is the Deal Paleo and Primal Eating.”