This summer (July 11-July 31) I am bringing the heat, or more so warmth, in my 3-week Be Well with Kel Masterclass, a virtual functional health program designed to enhance your wellness this summer and propel your health goals in a foundational and everlasting way.

Our Spring program was a huge success and our summer session will be just as strong plus a few enhancements. Spots are limited, so be sure to sign-up today.

“I have absolutely loved the experience and feel like I am taking away some really good habits that I hope will continue long after the program ends. The weeks have flown by but your videos and comments have been really helpful and encouraging! The 1% and progress over perfection are my new mantras!! The other thing I learned is that you get out what you put in and results might take longer than you hope but it’s still worth it if you believe you can achieve your goal. Thank you.” – Kat


One word: priorities.

Kelly’s enthusiasm and eagerness to teach you straightforward tactics for better health and wellness are simple, clear, and refreshing. She helps cut through the diet dogma, ground us to take action, and brings everyone together to not only succeed with our personal goals but collectively. Kelly pushes us to put ourselves first and to identify boundaries so we don’t spread ourselves thin.

“Thanks so much!  I would also love to join the July Masterclass. Excited to keep the momentum going!” – Jen


  • Yield better results with an individualized protocol
  • Opt for additional labs to uncover which foods help you thrive at a discount
  • Understand your blood sugar management needs (3 out of 4 people have insulin resistance – and indeed, insulin sensitivity is the solution to weight loss, optimal health, and wellness goals)
  • Restore your energy, health, and mood once and for all.


“I love that the program is tailored to you and your needs. Kelly is so accessible and she makes it fun and exciting!” – Rach


  • Kick-off with an Individualized Protocol explaining health history review, how to adjust diet and lifestyle, and get the most out of this group program. Kelly will define key areas of your health and your day to focus on during the program, resources that may assist with the journey, and more.
  • Every Sunday morning you will receive the Weekly Education Module: an easy-to-understand explanation of the most current & relevant information in ~20 minute video with supportive handouts to go along with the lesson.
  • A unique Meal Plan & Recipes: foods and meal combinations to support overall wellness, taste preferences, blood sugar balance, and gut integrity.
  • Community Support via slack: for comradery, support, and “Q & A.”
  • Weekly Live Calls or what we call “Office Hours” to have more laser coaching to troubleshoot or celebrate successes (recordings will be available).
  • Kelly wrote and designed the Be Well with Kel Masterclass eBook and Workbook to set the foundation and give you tools to start off on a strong foot.
  • Weekly assignments and touch-points to keep you accountable and in touch with the progress, you are trying to make.

“Kelly, thank you for leading this journey. I have learned a lot and my motivation is up several nodtches! Thank you!” – Jeff


When we come together, health, wellness/progress is a little less hard. I have been managing my type 1 diabetes for 29 years and when I need/needed advice the most, it has come flooding in when I reach out to a group of people on a similar path.

I want to help you move mountains. Together, I KNOW we can shift the entire landscape of achieving peak health and 2021 goals.

Is this realistic? Yes, and I trust, together, we can get there.

“Just sharing! My blood sugar control has been so much better since I started the program and became intentional about meals, sticking to a schedule, eating dinner earlier, and more hydration. Average blood sugar for the last 7 days is 126. I am thrilled about that!   I just feel better altogether. Thank you!” – Court


Health, education, and healing can be expensive and time-consuming. This program cuts through the noise and delivers the most potent information so you don’t have to waste time and money searching on your own.

I’ve invested thousands of dollars, let alone days, hours, months, years into “figuring out my health”. The pearls in this program, I wish I had decades ago. I’ve distilled down all the research I’ve collected and all that I’ve learned in my clinical practice to deliver one program with the most powerful information I wish all women with blood sugar imbalance had. All at a fraction of the cost of you doing it on your own.

This program is easily valued at $2000+.


Weekly x3 Education Modules & Curated Materials

– $1000 value

Personalized Protocol Created By Kelly

– $450 value

Group Coaching Calls x3 Where You Can Speak Directly To Kelly

– $300

Unlimited Access to Kelly & Ability to have questions answered 24/7 throughout

– $699 value


PROGRAM COST? Summer session only, $397

How can I sign up?
What does it mean by individual protocol? 
– it means that I will send you/the participant a questionnaire so I can best formulate some specific recommendations of where you can focus your energy during the program and beyond. 
When are the live calls/office hours? 
– Held each Wednesday at 12 PM EST. This window will be recorded and questions can be emailed to Kelly in advance to be answered as well. 
What does it mean by education modules? 
– each week will have a lesson in a ~20-30 minute video. These will cover a wide range of basic, yet, easily forgotten, health habits and routines that are essential to emphasize.