I had a blast sitting down with my 2 type 1 friends Ken Kniss and Graham Hubbard for the 3 recordings talking about all things type 1 diabetes and nutrition. Most recently, we have been honing in on insulin resistance.

If you haven’t heard of these guys, I highly recommend subscribing to their podcast, as it’s the best feel-good diabetes podcast I have yet to come across. Perhaps you have a friend who could benefit from their words? Be sure to forward this email to them if so.

  • The Expert Dietitian Series – Part 2: In today’s episode, Graham and I sit back down with our expert dietitian Kelly Schmidt to continue discussing Insulin Sensitivity and Insulin Resistance.
  • The Expert Dietitian Series – Part 1: This first in a 3-5 part series on insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance. In this episode, we define sensitivity and resistance and also take a deep dive into supplementation and its role in diabetes management.
  • Why Is Nutrition Important for a Diabetic?  In today’s episode, we got to sit down with Registered Dietitian Kelly Schmidt. Graham and I were blown away by her ideas and philosophies on how to control diabetes with FOOD!