Can You Flip Your Script?

No doubt, it continues to be some interesting times. On that note, last night in bed, my kids brought up “how stupid the Carona virus” is, and I flipped the script and asked them what good has come out of it (if any?!!).

I laughed as without breathing, my son said:
1) we got a dog (def not on our radar ever prior),
2) quality family time (maybe more than I wanted?!), and
3) we’ve “witnessed and have overcome many challenges.”

I laughed bc that wasn’t too bad of response for an 8 yo.

Nonetheless, this morning I empower you to flip your script. Is there anything that seems tough or even depressing, that can actually be positioned as a positive? Comment below with your thoughts/responses.

Don’t forget, the way we feel begins not with actions or results but rather thoughts and how we talk internally. Is there an internal script worth flipping?