Is calorie counting the name of the game? I think we all know it’s not, but let’s dive into this short lesson to better understand where to put our energy and attention when aiming for better health and quality of life.

This recording was from a Lunch & Learn and also serves as a free lesson that will prepare participants for Kel’s upcoming virtual course: The Insulin Resistance Masterclass.

Attending this season’s Masterclass will lend you the tools and education on how to build a better plate, make smarter lifestyle and health decisions and rewire your mindset, building your confidence in taking the best care of yourself.

Kel will be your holistic dietitian wellness guru and Katie Marsh will be your accountability coach. In our group program, we not only learn from each other, but we are able to cover more ground and create everlasting change.

Kel has had type 1 diabetes for almost 30 years and Katie has always appreciated health and wellness and has a new love for it as she works through fertility challenges and uses her food not just for fuel, as she runs Be Well, but as medicine, to live and grow life.

This course is a hybrid program, kicking you off with a 1:1 assessment with Kel, 6 modules, over 6 weeks, which means ~10-minute videos per lesson, plus tools and resources to guide you on how to apply the information to your every day, as well, we will highlight meal plans, recipes and lifestyle routines that can support your health this season.

To learn more about this class, which begins October 17th, click here.