Good morning,

There a few words in our vocab that carry more weight than years past, and I won’t state the obvious “v” word, but when I polled others what words they thought had a new meaning “self-care” and “wellness” rose to the top.

I agree. Not only have we become experts at hygiene/washing hands but people are open to taking bolder steps for their health.

This week I have a remote meeting with my Endo and I am organizing a list of topics I want to address and I am prepared to share my data and questions, which I listed below.


  • I have my Clarity app/information ready to be accessed for her office.
  • I am getting labs done on Tuesday for my Friday appt.
  • I am ready to share as many vitals as I can with the devices I have (Apple watch, BP, oxygen, temp, etc) and I can do the best I can on a foot check, and analysis of my sites.


  • I want to know the latest tech advancements in T1D and if there is anything I should put on my radar.
  • I want to ask about the reality of “smart insulin” and how soon it can be used by the average person/patient.
  • Do I need to upgrade my meter? I’ve had my Freestyle Lite for 5+ years.
  • What are the next steps to get a vaccine as a T1D in Ohio?
  • Where can I improve or tweak?

Wish me luck! Doctor appointments are never fun, but they are needed and play a key role in our wellness.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

– Kel

PS, join me for the February 30-Day Weight-Loss program. The cost of the program, for now, is just the cost of the weight loss nutrition supplements. I am adding additional resources to the meal plans, grocery lists, etc, and will include these at no cost for February.