What do you think is people’s #1 problem? It’s they don’t think they should have a problem!

While I have more years ahead, I am grateful for the lessons I’ve gained from the problems of my past.

My problems, including my type 1 diabetes diagnosis, the seizures I’ve had, the denial from Clemson when applying to colleges, not enjoying my work as a PR dietitian, and being mugged in Australia while living there in 2011 have all been true signs of living, have all been experiences of growth, and profound lessons in my life.

If the traumatic event in 2011 didn’t happen, I know for a fact I wouldn’t be here writing to you. This Sunday newsletter is one of my favorite things I do every week.

The clarity I gained in the hospital during that experience provided me a VERY clear picture of how I want my life to look like, and that included my nutrition practice.

And, no, I will pass on re-living them, but I am grateful for them.

As you face problems, challenges, and struggles today, see if you can appreciate them and flip the script as not a problem, but an opportunity.