I can easily say this past year has been the most growing year for me and the best classroom is one that involves traveling. I feel like I’ve come a long way in 26 years at this point in time and it’s been an adventerous road. From a career change, to my highest volume in traveling in a year, here is a look of what my last year looked like:

January – Madison, WI
Devils Head Ski Resort
I think I nearly broke my tailbone on this snowboarding trip! As I slipped into my snowboarding boots, I was breaking into a complete comfort zone with my boyfriend. I had not snowboarded in nearly 6 years but I thought my slick skills would come back as quickly as riding a bike. Hah! I was wrong and my butt felt it. I couldn’t sit normal for a month after this trip but it was all worth it. I plan to go back this coming February to prove myself.

February – Columbus, OH
Watched my high school friend, Andi, get married! It was gorgeous winter wedding and a quick reminder of how quickly we are all growing up.

February – Portage, WI
Cascade Ski Resort
I think I observed more of the resort than the slopes on this trip. Lots of ice and some “ice cold ones” to make up for it. Ironically, I ran into an old friend at the resort and had a blast with Schmidtty (the bf).

February – Scottsdale, AZ

My first big girl trip with Schmidtty. I flew to AZ after work on a Thursday evening and landed at 1AM Chicago time. I was dead tired from the work week, yet, managed to mingle with new friends and (funny story) found myself driving the “drunk bus” home after the others finished the bachelor party. This wouldn’t have been a big deal, except the fact I had not drove a car in over 2 years. No lie. An officer pulled Schmidtty over for not having his car lights on. Schmidtty blamed late travels and not knowing the functions of a rental car for not having on the lights. The officer suggested the sober passenger girl drive the car; me. I just met these new friends and was putting their life at risk with my pathetic driving ability and confidence. To say the least, I screamed like a girl once I turned onto the highway but we made it in one piece. The wedding was a blast. It was small, yet, perfect. We hiked while in AZ and made the most of this great trip.

April – Louisville, KY
Ran a half marathon with my sister, her husband and Schmidtty! It was so cool and we ran on the actual Derby course. We also visited my sister’s new and first owned home. The best part of the house was the awesome wedding gift on the walls. Two paintings from Paris. Did I mention I got them the paintings?! Drove to Evansville, IN and met the boyfriend’s family and learned his roots.

May – Put-N-Bay, OH
Hosted my best friend Jamie’s Bach party. No more details needed.

June – Columbus, OH
I was the maid of honor in my best friend’s wedding; Jamie. An awesome time and pictures to prove it!

July – Viva Las Vegas!
My second “big girl” trip with the boyfriend. I lost about a hundo; not bad.

August – Columbus, OH
Went to see the new family members on the O’Connell side (babies). I saw my cousin’s, Sarah, house and enjoyed the weekend with relatives.

September – San Franscisco, CA
Went on a weekend trip with the boyfiend and we explored the farmer’s markets (amazing is an understatement), the city, Napa, the bridges, Alcatrez, amazing food, wine and motorcycle tour and more. It was one of the most fun weekends we have had together.

September – FL for family vacay
This was a hoot. All 3 of my siblings and their significant others and my parents. My dad had one rule, “Don’t embarrass me.” I am pretty sure we broke that rule once or twice.

September – Sky Diving in IL!!!!!!!!
This didn’t make my mom too happy…

November and December – OH – Home for the holidays