Good morning,

How do we learn a lesson? Have you ever thought through how you grow from an experience?


I thought about it this week and realized, it’s not the actual experience that teaches us, but we learn and grow more so by how we reflect and ask ourselves questions about the experience.


This year, of course, is like no other, and would your answer be to these 3 questions:

  1. What is the best “Yes” you said yes to this year?
  2. What is the best “No” you said no to this year?
  3. What is are the biggest lessons you learned this year?

I’ve captured some of my thoughts below to help inspire your reflection and while this year hasn’t been the most comfortable, it’s the year we get to grow the most.

Let me know your best “yes” and “no” decisions you’ve made while spending more time at home and what has surfaced as your top priorities in the last 5 months.


I’ve never sensed fear in the way 2020 invited me to but I have also never given myself so much grace, time, and space to let the feelings be.

I don’t want to forget the unity I felt from those local to me, and those distant. It REALLY doesn’t matter what we look like, what disease we have, or don’t have, nor where we are from. We are all one, created equally.

In my bones and in my actions (now), I know my kids are the most important work. I know diabetes has given me a purpose but my number #1 goal is to raise children to be good people.
I can easily be far more flexible with just about everything. The things that seemed like a big deal are not worth overreacting to now. Overreacting has been a theme word over the last few weeks. “Was that worth the expense of energy?” Nope.

When we truly focus on wellness, the physique goals fall into place. When we focus and learn how to best take care of our immune system and ourselves on the cellular and mental level, our hormones balance, our body heals and the excess weight can come off.


And above all, the days can feel long but the years are short. The little things in life, are actually the bigs things.

Be well and remember to keep things simple this week,