Summer lends itself to charcuterie like lunches and poolside meals and I have organized some ideas to combine for your next quick “Adult Lunchable.” An adult Lunchable is the same take as a kids Lunchable that is premade from the grocery but is higher in ingredient quality and satiating ingredients.

  1. Rolled up turkey, pickles, pistachios, berry medley, a square of chocolate
  2. Chicken protein bar (or 2), kale chips, roasted chickpeas, olives
  3. Moon cheese to scoop salmon salad, raw veggies, almonds, kiwi
  4. Grain-free crackers, hummus, grapes, cashews, spicy chomp stick (or 2)
  5.  Small avocado, Hu crackers, hard-boiled eggs, strawberries
  6. Almond butter, a small apple, sliced cucumber with lime juice squeezed on it, salami
  7. Carrots, hummus, blueberries, salmon strip (or 2)
  8. Dates, sweet potato chips, peanuts, rolled-up sulfite/nitrate-free deli chicken
  9. Flackers, cheddar cheese, small banana, sun butter
  10. Turkey Jerkygrain-free tortilla chips, salsa, pepita seeds

A formula I tend to follow when piecing together these types of lunches is aiming for about ~500 cals, >30 grams of protein, something attractive, something fresh/plant matter, and items lower or moderate in carbs, but higher in fiber. Have fun with the combinations you come up with and try new things! 

Comment below with your favorite “Adult Lunchable,” creations.