I am a sole believer that “food is thy medicine” and that all consumers should eat food closest to the farm as possible; meaning that we should eat food in its most natural form. However, from reviewing peer-reviewed articles and reading newly published studies, the average person (myself included) can be deficient in some crucial vitamins and minerals.

Overall, I think I eat a balanced diet but I take daily supplements to make sure I meet all my needs. So what do I take?

Vitamin D. In addition to drinking my milk, I take a vitamin D supplement. Why? Three out of four people are deficient in vitamin D. This “super” vitamin plays a significant role in our bodies beyond bone health. From diabetes to multiple sclerosis to mortality, this vitamin has a place in our diet.

Fish oil. I have dived deeply into the research on a low inflammation diet; which has confirmed my thoughts on the need of a fish oil supplement. Not often enough do I eat the amount of fish I’d like a week, so I supplement with these pills to get the recommended omega-3 fatty acids I need.

Multivitamin. I take this to round out any nutrients I miss from my meals and snacks.

Make sure to talk with your doctor before you start any supplements. Certain vitamins can interact with medications.

Have a healthy and fit day!