What an inspirational story I have for you today! In the Fall of 2021, Jane rang me up after her neighbor mentioned getting in touch with me for the stomach pains and complaints she was experiencing. She, on her own, was trying to identify the best healthy foods to eat, including being mindful of the low FODMAP diet, after an Ulcerative Colitis (UC) flare within the year prior. However, within a month of working together, Jane not only experienced profound results but she no longer experienced drop to your knees pain, finding her way to a fetal position. Check out the progress Jane has made below and allow her hard work, perhaps, inspiring you to work on your needs, to put yourself first, so you can outpour the best version of yourself daily.

  • Who is Jane?

A mother of 3, diagnosed with UC in 2014, flared during the pandemic that has resulted in long-term use of steroids and infusions, and extreme fatigue, moodiness, and chronic pain.

  • What led you to work w/ Kel?

Weight gain was uncomfortable and I wanted to reach out to Kel to learn a better way to live and eat to reduce overall inflammation. I saw Kel as not only holistic in her nutrition knowledge, but she looks beyond food, asking for all of my latest labs, how my children are doing to the quality of my sleep. She listens and coaches me unique to my needs.

  • What was your health status when you first began working together?

UC was in remission when we first began working together, but I was experiencing fatigue, body aches, and a ton of sensitivities to food showing has gas/bloat and I couldn’t figure out any triggers and indigestion was inconsistent. Below are some changes I have progressed through since our journey started together.


  • 10/9: 183 lbs (started diet as designed from Kel’s labs)
  • 11/3: 175 lbs and did some body circumference measurements
  • 12/6: 167 lbs
  • 12/14: 168 lbs
  • 1/3: 160 lbs,
  • 1/26: 157 lbs post-vacation
  • February: 155 lbs
  • Losing ~5-8lbs per month and feeling good!
  • Last test w/ calprotectin is less than 50 (12/21), in 2020 calprotectin was 1000
  • What were your biggest challenges when you started working together? And what are your challenges today, if they have changed?

When we began, I was at rock bottom, yet, beyond ready to change. I wanted data, answers, and measurable actions, which Kel has provided and more. I went into 1:1 coaching with an open mind to try out Kel’s recommendations to see what magic could happen. I knew change would be hard, but I didn’t want to be in my own way.

Challenges today include slowing down and listening to my body. As a busy, active mom, making the effort to put my health first takes a conscious effort. I have to daily prioritize my health as much as my family’s needs. Getting enough rest, and having a nightly routine is a continuous practice right now too.

Another area where I am continuing to grow is feeling confident in advocating my dietary needs while dining out. I don’t love the attention by asking for special changes to menu items, but at this point it is necessary.

  • How do you view wellness now, compared to before you worked together?

I have fully realized that everybody and their gut is different. Some of the healthiest foods available aren’t necessarily compatible with me. I also have a goal to role model healthy nutrition behavior with my girls. Health and nutrition are not black and white, and data from labs I did with Kel really helped showcase what foods will keep me active and which foods I should avoid.

  • What are 3 new things that you have learned from your journey thus far?
  1. The power of making small incremental changes verse very large ones.
  2. Sleep is the secret sauce of health and we, adults, need to nurture it.
  3. It is crucial to ask for help and get support. I have built a village for my journey and it would have been so hard to not have these professionals in my corner.
  • Do you have anything more to share that would inspire another?

Someone must make the internal decision that they want to grow and make the change. Little did I know I could create so much change in my health and weight without extreme exercise or calorie deprivation.