As someone with an autoimmune disease, as someone with type 1 diabetes, and as someone with five years of schooling and experience as a dietitian, here are the top three insults to our health today:

  1. Stress

    After living overseas and recently enjoying a visit back, the pressure and stress we experience in the USA is palpable. Whether it’s a destined career path or a volunteer role in the school, there is little to no room left on our plates to breathe, to be, to relax, to sleep enough, and to heal from the hormetic stressors and beyond in our daily lives.

While it isn’t easy to remove stress from our lives, finding unique ways to offload any “invisible loads” and digest emotions is essential for longevity and the enjoyment of life.

  1. Toxins

    A cell taxed with toxins isn’t a cell that can function well, nor provide the body with energy. Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, a leader in integrative medicine, provides insightful observations on diabetes and toxins:
    “I would assert that about 90% of the diabetes epidemic is due entirely to environmental toxins [and toxicants].” – Dr. Joseph Pizzorno

  2. Our Food System

    When we are exhausted, sleep-deprived, and stressed, our brain craves processed, fast-energy calories. Consequently, healthy, whole, real food has a lower chance of being the first choice for fuel for many of us on the go.

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