Have you seen the movie Bucket List? If not, I suggest a Netflix Night. More importantly, do you have a Bucket List? What is on it? If you do not have a Bucket List, daydream and write one in your head, starting now.

I made a Bucket List on my cell phone with some downtime on a plane once, but…oops, I got a new phone. However, the idea of having a Bucket List is superb and everyone should have one. My Bucket List would look something like this:

  • Live in another country, even if it is short term (beyond the USA and Australia)
  • Bungee Jump in New Zealand
  • Eat duck…..I am fearless to eat most things from kangaroo to mussels to pate, but no duck has been in my mouth. Ever.
  • Hit-up the wine country and explore vineyards on a bike
  • Drive a Vespa while touring Europe
  • Initiate a romantic dinner (preferably with French red wine) at least once a week
  • Run a triathlon
  • Learn French fluently
  • Visit the Eiffel Tower with my soon-to-be hubby (hopefully learn French first)
  • Go shark diving
  • Write a book
  • Visit friends with all leftover vacation each year, not stressing about the cost – knowing it is well worth it in the end

This almost looks like a New Year’s resolution, right? It makes me think about things I really want to do in my life and it is a first step of getting these must-dos on the calendar. This coming week I have decided to make a weekly Bucket List and this is what it looks like:

  • Challenge myself (even though I am travelling for business) to eat strictly Paleo for SIX days! My fiancé leaves for the USA this week for two weeks and I will allow some flexibility on a date night before he goes.
  • Visit the local market on my lunch break at work
  • Bike to work at least one day this week
  • Organize a get-together with some girlfriends
  • Try something new – a class at the gym? Duck???  Ideas anyone?
  • Blog more!
  • Sketch an outline for my book

The point of my weekly Bucket List goes along with a theme I have been really trying to pursue – living in the moment. Since I have moved to Australia it has been hard missing my family and friends. But I realize I cannot live in this amazing country by just missing my friends and family and trying to catch up with them every minute I have. I have to find the balance and find joy in where I am and what I am doing.

All I know is in my twenty-some things, I sure feel like I was only ten years old yesterday. Life is short.

Cheers to you and good health!