A morning workout routine can completely transform your day. Indeed, many psychologists believe that you are more likely to maintain them in the long term when you build a path for positive habits. As such, the best way to get your health in control is to start the day with a fitness exercise. This will immediately set the tone for the rest of the day, helping you to feel energized, health-conscious, and confident. 

There’s a lot more to think about than just at what time you want to set your alarm clock. A healthy morning that combines both nutrition and physical activities is one of the best wake-up routines doctors recommend for longevity.

Let’s take a look at what it should include: 

Have a protein-based breakfast

Some people prefer to exercise on an empty stomach. Others prefer to have breakfast before their workout. While there is no right or wrong, you will need to consider how you feel during your workout. If eating for an exercise makes you feel nauseous, you may want to keep your breakfast or postpone eating until after exercising. One of the easiest and most effective workout breakfasts is the smoothie, high in vitamins, fibers, and proteins. Proteins are crucial to support your muscles, so that’s why your morning smoothie should include 20+ grams of protein. 

Local gyms or home workouts?

Everybody has different objectives and working out habits. If you feel self-conscious when exercising in front of other people, you might prefer an at-home routine to start with. You will not get the same equipment in your living room as you’ll find at your local gym. Places such as Fitness 19 have a huge range of gym kits and support for their clients. Ideally, it can be a good idea to boost your initial fitness levels at home before joining a gym. Alternatively, working out with a personal trainer can transform your gym experience, making it more accessible. 

Find an outfit that motivates you

Last but not least, we all want to look and feel our best. Picking a fitness outfit that works for you will need to meet many requirements:

  • It has to be practical, 
  • It has to be comfortable, 
  • It has to enable a range of motions, 
  • It should be supportive, 
  • It should make you feel like a champion. 

An outfit that ticks all the boxes is likely to make you feel motivated about your fitness journey. 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Always have a bottle of water with you. When you exercise, your body produces sweat to regulate its temperature. As a result, you lose hydration. It can be helpful to pack your water with an electrolytes replenishment solution. Coconut water is a fantastic way to balance your electrolytes after a workout, but you can also pick electrolyte-infused water. LMNT is my hydration powder of choice.

A healthy and energetic morning needs preparation if you want to maintain the routine in the long term. Nutrition is crucial to fuel your body. Your muscles need plenty of protein, so make it a priority to eat well. Your body also needs to hydrate and regain electrolyte balance. Finally, plan your gym visit with a motivating outfit and a personal trainer to get the best results.