Trialnet offers risk screening and innovative clinical studies to slow or stop T1D, before and soon after diagnosis.


Last Saturday I woke up with a full agenda, but seeing a voicemail from Children’s Hospital Pittsburg about my kids’ TralNet lab results was not part of it.

My stomach dropped. I was scared and angry – angry I missed the call.

I didn’t know which of my children were at risk or to what degree.

I didn’t know the details, but I DID know that a phone call meant the results weren’t negative and the news wouldn’t be positive…

…and I cried, ugly cried and prayed.

The results highlighted a specific antibody out of range — and this FREE test measures several antibodies as predictive of type 1 diabetes.


If someone has enough abnormalities, promising medications are available to delay the onset.

This test can save lives.
This test can delay type 1 diabetes.

In time, this test has the hope of preventing type 1 diabetes. 

Since last week, I have been using this as empowerment to take the best care of my family.

I am more motivated to weave more health and wellness into your day, and fuel my fire to make this world a healthier place, especially regarding autoimmune diseases.


If you have any questions about TrialNet, please reach out.

A recent survey on type 1s and their opinion if they wish they new their risk in advance.