How many presents does an 8 yo girl get when she is diagnosed with diabetes the day before her birthday? A lot.

Looking back on my earliest memories, they all begin in second grade. No matter how hard I try, I can’t recall much before then. It starts with my type 1 diabetes diagnosis.

But as I drift through that memory, I remember more of the hard ones than the happy.

In those first few years, I had several seizures – a few at school and some in my sleep.

I remember writing a letter in crayon to my mom and putting it in her bathroom drawer – saying “I don’t want to try anymore.”

When my mom found it, I was waiting for her to yell at me, but she surprised me instead.

She pulled me aside, sat down with me, and told me to never take life for granted and that I was capable of overcoming this.

I AM capable, but it’s a heavy burden.

There are so many layers to Type 1 that are invisible.

There is no limp or mark to distinguish us. We often look perfectly healthy until you see the tubing from a pump poke out from our waistband, or a little white pod stuck to our arm.

Then you wonder – what is that?

Meanwhile, we wonder if we dosed enough insulin. If I should’ve eaten more before walking my kids to school if that 30 grams of carb is going to kick in at Teagan’s soccer practice or if I need to tell a stranger I need help.

We wonder if this is the high that is going to tip the scales to a complication.

It’s not just about nutrition and insulin, there are dozens of variables that affect our diabetes management.

As a dietitian, I help my clients with what’s on their plate but also look beyond.

We need more options to manage this disease and that is why I am fueled with passion, with a fire roaring within to bring holistic programs, services, and solutions to those who need support with better blood sugar control and the mental health that comes with the need.

Ready and able to change the world helping 1 client at a time,