Kicking off November 11th, I will be hosting my 6th 10-Days of Wellness for the year 2020! I will be enhancing the material to create the best impact, helping you hone in on your wellness closing down this year.

What Is 10-Days Of Wellness With Kel?

  • These 10-Days are not about calorie counting, being perfect, or putting excess pressure on yourself. Leave that at the door. Welcome grace, self-care, and an open mind to what I have to share with you!
  • Each day I will provide guidance on a highlighted health theme focused on lifestyle, diet, blood sugar control, and gut health.
  • If you only have 5% to put into this, I want that 5%. This is all about helping you just do better (not your best, but better), nourishing yourself to the point where your nutrition helps your response to stress and immunity.
Getting Started/My Wishes For You:
I hope this is the beginning of a positive path for you, in trusting your body and enhancing your relationship with food. During these 10 days, I wish for you to:
  1. Join my private Facebook Community
  2. Eat real food. Avoid/reducing all sugar and flours.
  3. Structure your day to have up to 2 smoothies/day and one real meal and optional snacks. Data from 2013 compared the efficacy of meal replacements with either 1 or 2 shakes/day. Results? Those given 2 shakes/day lost 8x as much weight as those on 1 shakes/day. Participants also found consuming 2 shakes/day was just as easy to adhere to as a single shake program. Two shakes were also better than 3 shakes/day.
  4. Adopt a daily routine with your meals. Our liver and brain thrive on a routine as it works best when the body’s rhythms are predictable.
  5. Eat when you are hungry. Embrace hunger and appreciate satiety. My tip?? Stop eating when you feel satisfied enough that you can still go for a walk around the block, but running around the block is uncomfortable. If you feel satisfied, but feel like you can go for a run, you may need a bit more. You want your meals to be satisfying enough to keep you full until your next meal. This takes practice.
  6. Walk 10 minutes a day, preferably outside.
  7. Have fun! Engage and lean on me. For real. Having an issue or internal discussion with yourself? Let me in to guide you.
Order Your Detox Nutrition Kit by Designs For Health:
This is an optional part, and email me so I can set you up with the app and order your product.
This month’s program comes with an app I use with clients called WellWorld. In this app, I will provide daily reminders for you, along with example daily meal plans and detox support and guidance. If you want to opt into this part of my 10-Days of Wellness, email me and I will set you up!
Food Goals:
Crowd your plate with real food, reducing sugar and all forms of flour. Your shakes can be a meal replacement or they can cover 1 meal and be one snack in the afternoon. The overall goal is to have 20 shakes in 10-days, so the liver can be prompted to go through the 3 phases of detox: mobilize toxins, bind toxins, eliminate toxins.
Self-Care Goals:
  • Adopt 1 selfish habit you do daily to fill your cup so you can serve all others.
  • Step outside daily and walk for > 10 minutes (ideally after a meal for better blood sugars)
  • Eat > 6 services of fruit/vegetables per day
  • Drink 2L of water a day
  • Sleep > 7 hours a night. Need help falling or staying asleep? This is the best supplement I have used in all my life of being a fragile sleeper.
  • Be sober curious. Either eliminate booze from your day/week entirely or be far more intentional in how and when you drink. There is no doubt about it. When I choose to drink, I opt for no sugar, low alcohol wine from Dry Farm Wine (perhaps a good gift idea?).