Why organic wine?

Did you know only 5% of all vineyards in the world are organic?

I found this shocking when I first discovered it. That is a really small number. And, grapes have been shown to contain significant levels of pesticides. In the Environmental Working Group’s annual ranking of produce with the highest levels of residual pesticides, called the “Dirty Dozen,” grapes were the 8th highest. [3]

This is really important to me because I watch what I put in my body and avoid consuming pesticides, herbicides, and other “-cides,” wherever possible. The pure Natural Wines from Dry Farm Wines have been vetted to be organically farmed at minimum. Their growers go above and beyond, with natural biodynamic practices like using fermented veggies as fertilizer. 

If you’re interested in eating and drinking organic, you may want to give Dry Farm Wines a try.

Check it out for yourself, and if you sign up today using the link dryfarmwines.com/ksw, you’ll get an extra bottle in your first box!